Sunday, February 26, 2012

Need for Speed World Accounts

If you want free Need for Speed World accounts then you're in the right place!
For now I can give you only two email addresses and passwords.

Here are the two accounts:

Email -
password - goodee48

Email -
password - mika2frosty

Both Need for Speed World accounts have reached 50 level, has around 1'000'000$ and around 10'000 boost points.
There are a lot of Need for Speed World accounts which aren't used and left. Players who don't want to play Need for Speed World donate they're accounts to me and I give them to you, because I don't need that much accounts. There is no need for that many accounts for one person.

If those above accounts didn't work, don't worry - I'll be updating you guys with new accounts soon.


A user's Need for Speed World Account allows a user to authenticate to system services and be granted authorization to access them; however, authentication does not imply authorization. To log in to an Need for Speed World account, a user is typically required to authenticate by themself with a password or other information for the purposes of accounting, logging, and resource control.

Once the person has signed in to Need for Speed World Account, the OS will often use an identifier such as an integer to talk about them, rather than their login name, through a procedure known as identification connection. In Unix techniques, the login name is linked with a person identifier or person ID.