Friday, August 12, 2011

Need for Speed world boost hack v1

Good day, Need for Speed World players!
Today we are releasing a new hack for NFS World.

Presenting: Need for Speed World boost hack. Download here!

Need for Speed World boost hack

This hack is easy to use, doesn't require your login details.

Just two easy steps:
1. Start your the game and login to your account. (You must be in the garage)
2. Alt+tab to switch to hack and choose how much boost points you need and click submit.

Boost points are used to rent cars or to get other bonus items, but you have to buy them first with your real money. That's why we made this free hack for you.


  1. wow, this really works.

  2. Finally I'm not spending my hard earned money for boost points. Thanks nfsworldhack!

    1. Did it really work for you?

    2. Yes, it worked for me. I'm still using this hack :)

  3. Failed. after I click download new tab no reaction